Revolutionize Your Food Merchandising with The transforMerchandiser System!

The transforMerchandiser offers a revolutionary way to increase sales per square foot, add excitement and spontaneity to your departments, and increase ROI on equipment cost by taking advantage of the interchangeable kit system which performs the function of 27 different pieces of equipment in 1 single unit. The purchase of a single base unit allows you to roll the merchandiser into multiple departments and fit it with different kits to sell everything from dry bakery goods to floral items to produce to oysters to meat to smoothies to seafood with a variety of self-service, full-service & combination service configurations.


The purchase of any component of The transforMerchandiser System includes:

  • 10-Year Leak-Proof Guarantee on Stainless Steel Liner
  • Lifetime Guarantee on Welded Stainless Steel Frame and Body
    • Lifetime Guarantee on Protection Against Sweating
      • Lifetime Guarantee Against System Obsolescence